My first time racing in Japan!

I’m so excited to be racing in Porsche Carrera Cup Japan at the Japanese Grand Prix this weekend.

Thank you so much to the 911 Service Team and their sponsors for asking me to race for them this weekend at Suzuka. I’m incredibly grateful for the chance to race at this iconic circuit and to have the opportunity to visit such a special place.

I flew into Tokyo on Tuesday and I love it here already. The people are great, the food is just amazing and I’m loving learning about the Japanese culture. One thing is certain, they absolutely love motorsport here. The fans I have met already are unbelievably enthusiastic, and it’s only Wednesday – I can’t imagine what it will be like at the weekend!

As I haven’t driven at Suzuka before, the team arranged for me to have a simulator session in Tokyo today. I managed to set a new record lap time (on my last lap – why do I keep doing that!) which allowed me to sign the wall before leaving. I only hope I can learn the real track as quickly on Friday!

We then travelled from Tokyo to Nagoya on the Shinkansen high speed train (Bullet Train), which I have read all about and have always hoped to experience one day. The journey which would have taken at least 5 hours by road was under one and a half hours.

Here’s a photo of the race car. It looks great doesn’t it? The main sponsor spark make fantastic model cars, and I was amazed to see models of my actual race car on sale here at Suzuka. In the second photo there’s a 1/18 scale and the smaller 1/43 scale car. They are stunning replicas.

The first time on circuit will be for the 45 minute practice at 12:00 on Friday (that’s 4:00am UK time!) I hope to be able to learn the Suzuka Circuit in that time, as the 30 minute qualifying session is later in the day at 16:50 (08:50). The current weather forecast is for rain which will make life even more interesting.

Race 1 is on Saturday at 16:30 (08.30) and Race 2 is in the usual Porsche Supercup slot before the Formula 1 Grand Prix on Sunday at 11:15 (03.15). I don’t believe the Porsche race will be shown on TV in the UK, but there may be some coverage on the internet. I’ll update via Instagram and Twitter.

I aim to be able to repay the faith shown in me by the team and the sponsors this weekend by getting a great result for them.

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